Audit of Mossley Town Council’s Accounts for the Year Ending 31 March 2021

Each year the Town Council’s accounts for the previous financial year are subject to an internal and external audit.

The internal audit has taken place.

The Internal Auditor has indicated that the systems of financial and other controls over the Council’s activities and operating procedures are effective; that internal controls are operating as expected and that there are no matters to give cause for concern.

Following the internal audit the Town Council is required to approve for submission to the external auditor (PKF Littlejohn LLP) an annual governance and accountability return.

The annual return comprises two sections.

Section 1 of the return comprises the Annual Governance Statement. The statement must be approved at a meeting of the Town Council as soon as possible after the year end and in any case before section 2, the accounting statements. The accounting statements must then be submitted to the external auditor.

The Town Council considered and approved the Annual Governance Statement (Section 1) at the Town Council meeting on 7 April 2021.

Section 2 of the return comprises the Accounting Statements.

The Town Council considered and approved the Accounting Statements (Section 2) at the Town Council meeting on 16 June 2021.

The Annual Governance and Accounting Statements will now be issued to the external auditor, PKF Littlejohn LLP to enable the external audit to take place.

The Council is required to publish the documents together with a notice informing electors about the audit and affording them the opportunity to inspect the Town Council’s accounts.

The notice can be viewed via this website under the Documents/ Audit documents tab Audit Documents – Mossley Town Council (