Mossley Town Council – Member Support – An Opportunity to support the Mossley Community.

The Town Council is seeking support to help develop and deliver Council projects.

The person or persons engaged will act as “contractors” to the Council and will not be ‘employed’ by the Town Council.

This is a pilot and is not a “fixed term” or permanent initiative and the Council reserves the right to cancel arrangements at any time.

Activities will involve coordinating and organising project work, including working with elected members, the public and community groups, and other public organisations with whom the Town Council engages.

A wide range of tasks is envisaged including delivering publicity material, organising meetings for the public and partners and providing a sensitive and empathetic approach to issues raised by the public.

Applicants must be able to communicate effectively, be organised and preferably have some experience of working with the public.

The number of hours required by the Town Council will be set on an initiative-by- initiative basis depending upon the nature of the duties required.

More than one person may be appointed to carry out the tasks, depending on the skill sets of the persons expressing interest.

Expressions of Interest.

Expressions of interest should be in writing to the Clerk to the Council by email to the following address:

Expressions of interest should be no more than two pages of A4 in length and should include:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Details of any professional or other in-service qualifications or courses attended
  • How your skills, qualifications or experience may fit the activities and role
  • what you can bring to the role in terms of maximising benefit, achieving value for money and adding resources to the projects
  • Examples of your ability to communicate effectively with a range of people and organisations
  • Evidence of skills in the use of Microsoft Office applications
  • Details of any time constraints, which may limit your “operational“ time (The Council understands that applicants may have other roles and interests and this needs to be balanced with the reasonable expectation to make progress with initiatives).

Anyone wishing to discuss the initiative should contact Cllr Frank Travis by email at the following address.

Clerk to Mossley Town Council