Brookfields Development – Message from Town Council Chair (Town Councillor Frank Travis)

I am posting this as Chair and on behalf of Mossley Town Council to express thanks to all the members of our community who have copied me into their objections submitted to Tameside MBC about the proposed development at Brookfields.

There can be no doubt about the powerful sentiments expressed by residents in their opposition to the proposal.

I hope you will understand that the Town Council is consulted on planning applications but the decision on those application will be made by Tameside MBC as Local Planning Authority.

The Town Council fully understands the concerns of local residents and supports them in their opposition to the development.

The Town Council has lodged a robust objection not only to the current revision to the application involving a temporary access from Stamford Street but also to the original application for the residential development.

In between lodging those objections, the Town Council has drawn Tameside MBC’s attention to failings in the ecological survey of the development site carried out by the developer and has again emphasised this to Tameside.

The Town Council is aware that other issues have now come to light which do not relate purely to planning considerations and local residents have and continue to voice concerns over these aspects. Whilst the Town Council understands the additional concerns, it is hoped that residents will acknowledge that the Town Council has no authority to influence these issues.

The Town Council will continue to support local residents wherever the powers and duties permit.

I hope that the Town Council’s position is now clear.

Frank Travis,

Chair, Mossley Town Council