Creative Space Support Fund

Creative Space Support Fund

The Town Council is keen to support creative groups to get established and become sustainable.

We realise that the availability and affordability of space may be a barrier to groups getting going, so a pilot project has been introduced to give support for the first sessions.

It applies to new groups or to those who have started up, but may be struggling to become established. These may be in danger of finishing unless they get some support at this time.

The fund is to provide 50% of the cost for a limited time.

The “match” can come from the group or from a venue wishing to equal (or exceed) the council’s contribution.

In that way they can help establish the group which will continue to use the venue at individually agreed rates.

This is not long term funding, just enough to make a difference. Probably the first few sessions.

The form is self-explanatory, but by describing your circumstances and aspirations, we can best judge where we may be most effective. If successful we may be able to seek longer term funding for similar purposes.

The application form can be accessed via the following link:

03 Creative Space Agreement (May 2023)

Community creative and cultural groups are good for our community, for wellbeing, but can be a real boost for wider social benefit and even in supporting the local economy.

If you have any queries lease email;