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Town History

Town History

Mossley Parish Council was established in 1999 following a petition by electors in Mossley for a parish council. It has nine members based on the old wards of the former Borough Council, four members for the Cheshire ward, three members for the Lancashire ward and two members for the Yorkshire ward.

The Parish Council decided to take advantage of the powers available to it by legislation to become a Town Council.

The powers available to the Council are less than those available to Tameside MBC but the Council attempts to concentrate on local issues that are of concern to the people of the town and to champion the concerns of local residents over a wide range of issues. The Town Council believes that local government needs to be a process of services being delivered wherever possible at the local level where the views of local residents can be heard and listened to and endeavours to influence matters in this direction whenever it can.

It also believes that the money derived from its precept on residents in the town should be spent on supporting people within Mossley and in this regard attempts to financially aid local voluntary groups and organisations.