Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme (ARIS)

At each meeting of Mossley Town Council, members receive an update from the local Police on their activity in the Town.

Members acknowledge the excellent work being undertaken by our officers in the Town and are particularly impressed at the bid submitted by the Police for funding to establish in the Town, a group to offer help to secondary school age children struggling in mainstream school and who may be turning to anti-social behaviour.

This bid for funding has been submitted under the “Asset Recovery Incentivisation” Scheme (ARIS).

This is a much-needed facility and the Town Council lends its full support to that initiative.

To that extent, the Town Council has expressed willingness to become actively involved in the initiative. The establishment of a model to assist our young people will ensure that the right people are targeted by the initiative.

The Town Council would be interested in nominating representatives to serve on any group managing the initiative. This will provide detailed local knowledge about the problems faced by young people and all residents in the Town. A partnership arrangement with the local Council will enhance not only the case for funding but also the operation of the initiative.

The Police will be keeping the Town Council fully informed about progress of the bid.

The “Asset Recovery Incentivisation” Scheme (ARIS) makes available subject to a satisfactory bid, money, seized from criminals and distributed to police forces via the Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme (ARIS). These funds are being invested into communities across Greater Manchester.

Non-profits which benefit a large number of people can apply for a maximum of £20,000 to fund 12 months’ activities.

The activities must support GMP’s objectives to fight, prevent and reduce crime; keep people safe; and care for victims. More information can be found by clicking on the following link:

Greater Manchester Police invests money, seized from criminals, into communities | Greater Manchester Police (