“Bee in the Loop” – New Initiative launched by Greater Manchester Police

Mossley Town Council’s local Police representatives have drawn attention to the new “Bee in the Loop” initiative launched by Greater Manchester Police.

Greater Manchester spans 493 square miles and has a population size of 2.8 million people. It is the second most populated urban area in the UK.

Greater Manchester Police serves 10 districts with dedicated neighbourhood policing teams that are supported by specialist capability, they are focused on fighting and preventing crime, keeping people safe and caring for victims. The teams work with partners and communities to solve local problems.

Greater Manchester Police is committed to strengthening dialogue with communities in a positive and proactive manner. The new community messaging system ‘Bee in the loop’ will allow residents to choose what information they would like to know about including crime and incidents in your local area. The system is also an invaluable investigative tool and can be used to appeal for information or intelligence and help to solve crime.

To join, simply subscribe at:

Home Page – Bee in the Loop

After joining, you will be updated on the work the Police are doing to raise awareness of the work our teams are doing to keep the community safe.

Sign up to Bee in the loop about what is happening in your community.