Town Councillor Vacancies filled by Co-option

At the meeting of the Town Council on Wednesday 9 December 2020, the 2 Councillor vacancies (one in each of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Wards) were filled by co-option.

Lancashire Ward

The Lancashire Ward vacancy was filled by Ms Helen Louise Jamison of Stamford Road, Mossley.

Yorkshire Ward

The Yorkshire Ward vacancy was filled by Mr James Hall of Vernon Street, Mossley.

The Town Council had published notices inviting electors to petition for a by-election to take place. In the absence of the requisite number of residents requesting a by-election, the Town Council had the power to co-opt persons to fill the vacancies.

The Town Council invited residents to seek co-option and those residents who expressed an interest were invited to deliver a presentation at the Town Council meeting prior to the Town Council making their decision.

The Town Council now has a full complement of 9 members.

Mike Iveson,

Clerk to the Town Council